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Paradise Christmas Cakes quality handmade Christmas Cakes

Welcome to the Paradise Christmas Cake website where you will find the finest luxury Christmas Cakes to buy online and have delivered throughout New Zealand. We offer the best handmade Christmas Cakes, order online today and have Christmas delivered to your door!

At Paradise Cakes Ltd our luxury Christmas Cakes are handmade with the best selection of quality dried fruit and nuts available, butter, flour, spices, brandy and free range eggs.

The fruit is soaked in brandy, in small batches for two weeks or more to allowing the rich flavours to really develop. Then the fruit is warmed and the finest spices are added. All our Christmas Cakes are mixed by hand and slowly baked in a well lined tin with care and a fair amount of love!

Once cooked our cakes are taken straight from the oven and the top of each cake is drenched in more brandy, wrapped in tinfoil and a pure cotton cloth and left for a full twenty four hours to cool.

The cakes are then carefully hand wrapped, sealed and placed in a cool storage area for a minimum of three months to fully mature.

Baking is our passion, we believe in using only the finest ingredients and the best traditional methods to produce Christmas Cakes and Christmas Puddings which are the unsurpassed in texture and flavour. The type of home baking as loved and remembered from our childhoods.

Our Christmas cakes come in a range of sizes and beautifully present in a wooden cake box not only making them perfect for your Christmas dinner or party but also ideal gifts for family, friends or clients.

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"Excellence in baking is our passion!"

Jo Anson – Owner of Paradise Christmas Cakes

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