Quince Paste Gift Set

Quince Paste Gift Set



The perfect gift for a cheese lover or a treat for yourself.

An individual New Zealand native wooden cheese board, laguiole cheese knife and our Quince Paste.

Quince paste: 140 gm

Cheese board: 15 cm x 19 cm x .5 cm

Laguiole knife: 16 cm


Quince Paste, quince cheese or Membrillo requires some patience to make but it is so worth it. Ours is made with local spray free quinces, slowly cooked for 2-3 hours. Spread on any sharp cheese, use as a glaze, or to add depth to a casserole. I just eat off the spoon as a sweet treat.

Quince Paste: Servings per jar: 28  Serving size: 5g  Ingredients: Spray free Quinces, sugar, filtered water, spray free lemon juice.

Handmade specially for us by my Dad, these stylish boards are a honey colour with a rustic, natural wax finish. Perfect for a single cheese with our Quince Paste.

High quality Laguiole cheese knife from France.


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